Holistic Pulsing is an incredibly safe, gentle, and relaxing body-mind therapy that works with the

elements of Rhythm & Water.

The Principles of Awareness, Acceptance & Re-Empowerment as well as

the feminine attributes of softness, gentleness & nurturing are incorporated, making this an excellent

therapy that assists us to release past and present, emotional and physical trauma,


Holistic Pulsing helps to bring some calm and balance back into your life

The Australian School of Holistic Pulsing

was first established in 2000, by Sally McKern, along with Kathleen MacDonald &

Raimunda Habibah Elhage original students of Tovi Browning.

The school was based near Lismore in the Northern Rivers area of NSW.

The School was handed over to Michelle Gunn and Michell Mercer in 2009.

The School is now being run by Michell Mercer

The goal of the School is to share information about Holistic Pulsing, instruction by

qualified practitioners, and training at all levels with qualified teachers.

All teachers at the school programs teach both in teams and independently.

They share a committment to bringing the principles of Holistic Pulsing to students in a

high standard, holistic, adult education.

Holistic Pulsing is an accredited course through the IICT