What is Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing is an extremely gentle form of bodywork which has been developed over the past 25 years by Israeli-born Osteopath and Naturopath, Tovi Browning ND, DO.

Based on the most fundamental principles of life: rhythm and water, it  is an extremely safe, gentle and nurturing form of bodywork and helps us to bring some much needed balance and harmony into our lives.

Like any true healing, Holistic Pulsing is not merely based on a technique, it also incorporates certain essential ingriedients which render it truly holistic.

As we settle into our body with more awareness and get out of the mind, we start to listen and hear what it is our body is trying to tell and so begins the journey back to being our own healer.

We treat the body as a whole, similary, the person as a whole healing body, emotions, the mind and spirit thus renewing and healing our relationship with ourselves and others

The practitioner applies special types of rocking to the fully clothed body, including gentle stretching and massaging around the whole body.

The effect is a renewed sense of expansion, aliveness, thorough relaxation and deep blissfulness…



During a Holistic Pulsing session the body is gently rocked by the practitioner at rhythms close to the foetal heartbeat (120-160 beats per minute).

This is significant in providing a nurturing and safe, womblike environment, in which the nervous system can relax into the ongoing soothing movement. Blockages are naturally detected by both giver and receiver, and are addressed without trauma.

Our body is approximately 80% water

The rhythmic rocking sends ripples flowing through the whole body enlivening the system on all levels. Based on the water element, of which we and our planet are mainly composed (approx. 80%), Holistic Pulsing brings its healing secrets.

Since our beginning in the womb we possess an inseparable bond with water, and its intrinsic balancing quality is experienced during Holistic Pulsing.

The Power of Softness

The power of Holistic Pulsing lies in its very gentleness, like the soft ocean water melting away the toughest rocks.

Holistic Pulsing is based on the principle that where there is force, there is always counterforce, whereas gentleness percolates the deepest.

Holistic Pulsing allows us to grow through ease rather than struggle. With it we find the less we push – the more happens.

Two-way Healing

Holistic Pulsing is not only amazing to receive but is equally beneficial for the Pulser, who is not left out of the healing process in any way.

The ‘two-way healing’ aspect of the technique means that giver and receiver are both equally included in the healing process.

In this way Holistic Pulsing is a sustainable and rewarding way of working with people in the field of health and personal growth.

Some of the Benefits of Holistic Pulsing

  • Relief of stress and relaxation of the nervous system due to the ongoing rhythm
  • Both professionally and an home aid an excellent to lift treat shock and trauma
  • Stimulates the body’s immune fluids
  • Restores / Maintains youth and mobility to all joints
  • Relief of pain
  • Addresses physical and emotional blockages
  • Heals the rift between body and mind which then work effectively together
  • Easy to learn and apply in any situation for any length of time  Eg Anything from 2 minutes (for the very young) to 2 hours (adults)
  • As a home aid – a useful first aid during times of childhood illness or emotional disturbance.  Eg fevers and nightmares
  • Playful and forceless – the focus is on the simple quality of being with the other, there is total acceptance and appreciation of the other and how they are in this moment, and no pressure to change in any way
  • A powerful vehicle for self discovery
  • Helps to bring and experience self acceptance
  • Effective for children and generates a special closeness between parents and children, partners, friends, colleagues
  • Promotes a feeling of safety in relationship, through mutual respect, acknowledgement and appreciation
  • Provides an experience of safe non invasive touch, helping the ‘pulsee’ to feel safe in their body, thereby promoting a healthy relationship with their own body
  • Suitable for all ages and ranges of mobility
  • A safe treatment for pregnant women, being beneficial for mother and baby
  • Complete in itself Holistic Pulsing also complements other therapies, enhancing and amplifying their effectiveness