Tovi Browning N.D.,D.O. a graduate Naturopath & Osteopath of the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy, developed Holistic Pulsing over 30 years ago.

Tovi was working and studying in London and on her own journey of self-exploration, she experienced lots of other healing modalities such as Reichian-style body work, Bioenergetics techniques from Alexander Lowen and the principles of lengthening and expanding from Mathias Alexander, as well as Curtis Turchin’s pulsing which drew from Dr Traeger’s work with rhythm, Ken Dychtwald and his body-mind studies, as well as Gestalt and many others.

She was very interested in what makes a truly holistic modality with a safe gentle approach. Seeds from all these different area’s of her explorations, over time developed into a whole system for healing and self-discovery.

Over the last 30 years of developing Holistic Pulsing, Tovi introduced the all-important feminine principle of softness and the power of the incredible water element.

She was prompted to develop a whole system due to the fact that for the most part a deep split exists in society today between our physical, emotional and spiritual realities.

When Tovi moved to New-Zealand she wrote the book “Gentle Miracles – the “Hand book of Holistic Pulsing” and continued to develop Holistic Pulsing.

Tovi trained practitioners and teachers in N.Z before coming to Australia in the early 90’s and training a small group of practitioners and teachers here.

Today she continues to develop both the philosophy and technique while working in her native Israel; she established “Tovi Browning’s International School for Holistic Pulsing” in 1999 and released an up-dated version of the handbook called “The Power of Softness” in 2004.

The Centre carries out research as well as providing voluntary projects and free treatments to needy groups, training and workshops. 


In 2000, Sally McKern, along with Kathleen MacDonald & Raimunda Habibah Elhage original students of Tovi Browning , founded  “The Australian School of Holistic Pulsing  “.

The school was based near Lismore in the Northern Rivers area of NSW.

Sally eventually handed over the School to Michelle Gunn and Michell Mercer in 2009. The school has been offering workshops and training over the last 8 years.

Michell Mercer is now the sole Director of the School.

In the last year Michell Mercer has moved back into Holistic Pulsing full-time after spending the last 6 years caring for her parents until they transitioned.

Michell trained with Sally McKern for over 8 years gaining her Diploma in 2004 and then went on to study and graduate as a teacher in 2006.

Michell also trainied in Voice Dialogue, a jungian based counselling techniquethat works on the “Psychology of the Selves”, with the originators Hal and Sidra Stone PhD’s in USA, and gaining her level 3 Certificate. 

 The School now offers training workshops in Level 1 – weekend workshop, Level 2 and 3 Practitioner Training. and Level 4 Teachers  training and has a directory of qualified teachers and trainers.

Holistic Pulsing – Connecting the mind and body using gentle rocking, pulsing and stretching movements for true holistic healing.