Holistic Pulsing is a multi-faceted approach and technique of self-discovery and healing, improving both physical and mental health. 

It is based on the principles of life: the desire to connect with your self through the sensation of movement and water.

It is gentle and safe, and non-invasive, and encourages the body to relax, and release emotional and physical trauma. Rocking and stretching motions are applied to the body in a gentle manner during the session.

Holistic pulsing is one of the gentlest forms of bodywork, and the client remains fully clothed why the practitioner stretches and massages the entire body.

The result is a sense of renewal, expansion, and aliveness, as well as relaxation and blissfulness. The sessions usually have long-lasting effects.

The pulsing is a movement-based, passive method, which includes stretching, jiggling, lifting, shaking, and rotating to create waves throughout the body, impacting the organs, joints, muscles and fluids.

The pattern of regularity of the motions create a sense of flow and ease. All dis-ease is allowed to surface without force or breaking down of resistance.

Traditional massage strokes have a nurturing element, and when the rocking motion is added, it amplifies the nurturing potential.

The theory of holistic pulsing is based in safety and care, and uses the power of water, and the absence of force to bring awareness to the energy locked in our bodies.

What happens in a session of Holistic Pulsing

A holistic pulsing session will include several components.

The practitioner attempts to maintain rhythms of the body close to the speed of a foetal heartbeat.

This provides a safe and nurturing environment, and allows the nervous system to relax into the movements.

The energy blockages will be detected by the practitioner and the client, and can be addressed in a non-traumatic manner.

The body is made of approximately 80% water, and the rocking sends ripples flowing through the body, enlivening the systems of the body.

The power and benefits of holistic pulsing are in the gentle nature of the practice, like ocean waves melting away rocks.

Holistic pulsing is based on the principle that force is met by counterforce, and gentleness can permeate the deepest into the body.

The practice allows growth through gentle movement, instead of struggle. Both the pulser and the recipient gain benefits, and are included in the healing process.

The work of the pulser is rewarding and pulsers have a high level of longevity.

Benefits of Holistic Pulsing

Holistic pulsing has a number of benefits, going far beyond general relaxation.

The practice is especially useful for those that have suffered from trauma due to its gentle, nurturing movements.

It stimulates the body’s immune fluids, and addresses physical and emotional blockages.

The practice is easy to learn, and can applied in a variety of situations, and for a varying length of time.

The practice is useful for parents to learn and use with young children during night terrors, fevers, and a variety of other emotional disturbances.

Therapist will enjoy the benefits they gain from the method, reversing burnout through the physical movements.

It generates a feeling of self-acceptance, and breeds closeness between practitioner and client.

It is a safe treatment for pregnant women, but it is always a good idea to check with your physician before treatment.